We’re going to be up late talking about this one! Harry Styles just released the second music video for a song on his recent album Harry’s House. The music video for “Late Night Talking” is an awesome ensemble video that gives us major “Watermelon Sugar” vibes.

The music video opens with Harry waking up alone before falling down a rabbit hole through his matters into sleepovers, pillow fights, dates, and cuddle sessions. Much like his 2019 “Watermelon Sugar” music video, “Late Night Talking” features a huge cast of actors setting the scene for the song’s lyrics.

Like a lot of Harry’s promo for Harry’s House, the video also features a polka dot aesthetic from the video’s title card to the pink and brown pajama sets Harry wears. The bright colors that Harry has been rocking from his nails to necklaces are also prominent throughout the video, especially in Harry’s socks.

The second song from Harry’s House to get single status, we couldn’t have picked a better follow-up to Harry’s “As It Was” music video.

Thanks, Harry! We’ll be up all night whistling. Watch Harry Styles’ music video for “Late Night Talking” below.

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