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“Swimming in Your Feelings” singer Haven has been focusing on putting her music out there and expanding her audience this year. Now, interacting with her fans is a bit more difficult, but she’s put together a routine that keeps her optimistic! We asked Haven what she’s doing to stay entertained and how she’s still preparing for her tour with Dinah Jane and Agnez Mo. This is how a pop star quarantines.

A Reality TV Trip Away from Reality

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They liked it so they put a ring on it. ๐Ÿ’

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When you’re missing out on the drama of the real world, reality TV is the perfect over-the-top solution to feelings of FOMO. Right? Haven shared that she’s been getting her reality TV fix lately. “During quarantine, I’ve binged Love is Blind, Tiger King, and old seasons of The Bachelor and America’s Next Top Model!”

Haven’s Pop Picks

If you open up Haven’s Spotify, you’re almost certain to see the platform’s Pop Rising playlist playing. It’s her go-to for great music. “I love hearing what’s up-and-coming! It’s a great playlist,” she said. (We also recommend adding Haven’s most recent single, “Sad and Successful” to your up-and-coming faves!)

Motivational Reads

“Oh my gosh, to be honest, I need to read more.” Haven laughed when we asked her about what is on her quarantine reading list. But when she does pick up a book, she’s looking for motivation. “I’ve been reading The Power of I Am by Joel Osteen,” she said.

Positive Podcasting

When Haven isn’t immersing herself in the latest music, she’s listening to the On Purpose and Tin Foil Hat podcasts for inspiration and comedy. The perfect pick-me-up moods for a day in quarantine.

The Garage is The New Studio

Haven’s tour was postponed, but she still has a lot of work to do. Before quarantine, Haven was in the studio practicing dances for her songs. Now, she’s practicing at home with some help from her dad. “My dad turned our garage into a workout area with foam floors,” she told us, “so I’ve been practicing in our garage!” Thanks to Haven’s dad, she’ll be ready to perform all the moves she’s been previewing on Instagram as soon as she’s able to get back on stage.

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