The Spring 2019 issue of Showstopper Magazine is here! Now available at all Showstopper competitions and soon to be in Barnes & Noble, the Adventure Edition is here to bring sparkle, inspiration, and excitement to your studio’s magazine rack, but don’t think it’s just the perfect thing to pretty up your magazine rack or your side table. You’re going to want to put this magazine to use in your studio.

Get Artsy!

Showstopper Magazine is nothing if not dedicated to the latest and most fashionable aesthetics. We want the magazine to sparkle as much as you do! With a diverse array of colors and patterns and incredible dance pictures, it’s everything you need for your next dance collage or bulletin board inspiration project.

Dance Tips

As artists, we are always improving! Don’t let your dancers forget that, and give them access to tips from stars they know and love.

Inspiration from Young Dancers

So, you’re inspired and you have dance on the brain! Now, what!? Well, of course, you want to know how young dancers are finding their place in the performance industry on your favorite shows and stages around the world. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered there, too.