Sometimes the best way to get yourself motivated is to listen to motivational people. These people have done things that you might want to do or have stories that make you want to get up challenge yourself. These people inspire you! The best place to get an early morning dose of these people and their stories and opinions? Podcasts! Catch up with some of the world’s best performers in these three podcasts.

The Dance Podcast

The Dance Podcast is recorded in North America and features some of the continent’s top dancers in inspiring interviews about their careers, dance events, and even their work and passions outside of dance.

Meet Me at the Barre

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Take a trip to the southern hemisphere for some barre work in Australia. Meet Me at the Barre gives you an inside look at The Australian Ballet and the lives and passions of its dancers.

San Francisco Ballet – Meet the Artist

Have you ever wanted to know what’s going through a performer’s head right before a big show? How do they get pumped up? How do they overcome stage fright? San Francisco Ballet’s Meet the Artist podcast gives you access to all of that!