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Vision boards provide you with a creative outlet and space where you can create a physical reference for your goals. Unlike writing down goals on a piece of paper in a notebook, planner, or journal, you see your vision board every day and it serves as a reminder of all the bright, wonderful things you see in your future.

A dance vision board might include images from Broadway shows you intend to audition for; your favorite dancers and choreographers that you want to learn from, dance with, or work with; audition notices; moves you want to learn or work toward; and more. You can even put a picture of a clean dance bag on your vision board if your goal is to get more organized.

Types of Vision Boards

You can create a vision board on pretty much any scale. You can confine it to a single piece of paper, or give your board an entire wall to expand across. Vision boards can exist in journals and digitally as well. (Pinterest can work fabulously as a digital vision board!) Unfortunately, the less visible your vision board is, the less like you are to use it. Physical vision boards also allow you to add texture and visual interest that you can use to draw your attention to the things you prioritize most.


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Review and Update Your Vision Board

When it comes to vision boards, there aren’t many rules. It can look however you want it to, and you can use it to work toward any kind of goals that you want to set. The only thing that is super essential to a successful vision board is keeping up with it. Reviewing and updating your vision board on a regular basis is important. If you accomplish a goal and don’t cross it off or put a star or otherwise indicate that you did it (woo!), you are letting your vision board become outdated. The less relevant your board is to your life in the present, the less likely it is to be helpful.

Be Positive and Active

When you interact with or write things for your vision board, make sure you have an “I will” attitude instead of an “I want” attitude. Of course, you want the things on your vision board, but keeping your thoughts and desires active will put you in the right mindset to achieve them. If you want to meet one of your dance heroes at a convention, put a picture of them on your vision board with a note that says, “I will meet ___,” not “I want to meet___”. Your vision board should feel like a to-do list in many ways. These are things you can and will do, not just dreams you hope for!

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