When Emoji 12.0 was approved at the beginning of 2019, dancers everywhere cheered at the addition of an essential emoji to go with the twins in leotards, the king of disco, and the salsa dancer–the pointe shoe emoji. Officially listed on Emojipedia as “Ballet Shoes,” various versions of one or a single pair of pointe shoes were added to emojis across the internet. Unfortunately, one of the leaders in emoji design, Apple did not have its own pointe shoes to throw into the mix.

Last week, Apple dropped their latest update, iOS 13.2 and stated in the update notes, “Over 70 new or updated emoji, including animals, food, activities, new accessibility emoji, gender neutral emoji, and skin tones selection for couple emoji” (with all of the various combinations, this accounts for more than 400 emojis perfect for representing yourself and pretty much everyone else!). Among these emojis was the pair of shoes dancers everywhere were waiting for.

Unlike many of the other versions of the “Ballet Shoes” emoji, iOS 13.2’s shoes don’t feature flowing ribbons and they’re a more muted pink. Standing proudly on their toe boxes, these shoes are ready for the stage (or your next incredible Tweet).