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As a dancer, teacher, actress, paranormal investigator, and so much more Kelsi Davies kind of does it all. Now, Kelsi is diving into another new creative opportunity with her very first single.

Kelsi started on TikTok like most people do, posting random videos, following trends, and dancing. But as Kelsi and her audience grew, her TikTok changed, and along with dance and skits, one of her off-TikTok hobbies, ghost hunting (already the center of her YouTube channel), quickly became a big part of her videos. If you’re looking for stories about haunted locations or wondering what it’s like to live with a haunted doll, Kelsi is the person to watch.

There’s nothing spooky about “Heartbeats,” though—except for the haunted doll cameo in the music video—but it is a little scary how catchy the song is. “Heartbeats” is written and produced by the electronic music duo COMANAVAGO (pronounced “come and have a go”) and, of course, sung by Kelsi.

“I’ve always loved to sing!” Kelsi told us when we asked her what made her want to add “singer” to her already impressive list of titles. “I would do a lot of singing impressions,” (check out Kelsi’s TikTok to see her do Brittney Spears and Shakira) “and my family has a lot of singers! More opportunities came to me as my social media began to grow, and I’ve always wanted to make music, so I hopped on board and hope to make many more songs in the future.”

“Heartbeats” is Kelsi’s enthusiastic leap into music, but it’s also a bright song about self-love and strength. She shared that the single was inspired by a toxic relationship from her past. “It’s about me moving on and finding myself again,” she said. “I am still healing from it after a few years. It was that bad. I told COMANAVAGO my story, and they wrote and produced such an amazing song.”

Along with her new single, Kelsi released a music video. The “Heartbeats” video doesn’t just bring Kelsi’s first song to life. It’s also a collaboration of many people that Kelsi loves. From friends and other creatives to actors and even her haunted doll Lola, there are so many special appearances and contributions to the video.

“I am so thankful to everyone who was a part of it. It was such a big deal to me, and it was so cool to have my closest friends by my side!” Kelsi told us. “Mady Kelly helped me through that dark time in my life. I wanted to highlight our friendship. I also had Ashley Marie, Garrett Clayton, Kent Boyd, Jeka Jane, of course, Lola had to be in it! We all had too much fun. It’s so cool to have such supportive friends. We also had an awesome actor named Jack Moore!”

The video was directed by Kelsi’s friend Gage Wayne based on the experiences that inspired the single and a storyboard that Kelsi wrote. “A few weeks later we were location scouting, finding a cinematographer (Jon Hernandez), getting my outfits put together (Burger Rock Media, Onch), etc. My best friend, Mady Kelly, worked as my stylist!” In the video, Kelsi shows off all of her strengths—dance, power, and beauty being just a few of them. “It was such an uplifting experience. I am so grateful to everyone who helped bring it to life. It means the world to me.”

We’ll definitely be seeing more music from Kelsi in the future, too. It might be brand new for her, but she’s in love with the process. “I’m so new to it all, so I’m still testing the waters,” she said. “But I know that this is just the beginning!”

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