The highly-anticipated 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics started Friday. The Olympic Opening Ceremony featured the usual traditions including the lighting of the cauldron with the Olympic flame by Naomi Osaka, a performance of Japan’s national anthem by Japanese singer Misia, and of course, the Parade of Nations with Olympians from 205 countries carrying their nations’ flags. (A human pictogram performance and a dance performance that celebrated Japanese arts and culture including carpentry were also part of the kickoff.)

You might have watched the ceremony from home or seen the highlights on YouTube. Unfortunately, audiences for the Olympics are small this year do to safety precautions. But we can still celebrate by dancing to the music! The Olympians from each nation walked to a playlist of songs video games like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Sonic the Hedgehog. With all these epic themes, there’s so much choreographic potential!

Check out the full playlist!

  • Dragon Quest “Roto’s Theme”
  • Final Fantasy “Victory Fanfare”
  • Tales of series “Sorey’s Theme – The Shepherd”
  • Monster Hunter series “Proof of a Hero”
  • Kingdom Hearts “Olympus Coliseum”
  • Chrono Trigger “Frog’s Theme”
  • Ace Combat “First Flight”
  • Tales of series “Royal Capital Majestic Grandeur”
  • Monster Hunter “Wind of Departure”
  • Chrono Trigger “Robo’s Theme”
  • Sonic the Hedgehog “Star Light Zone”
  • Pro Evolution Soccer “eFootball Walk-on Theme”
  • Final Fantasy “Main Theme”
  • Phantasy Star Universe “Guardians”
  • Kingdom Hearts “Hero’s Fanfare”
  • Gradius “01 Act I-1”
  • Nier “Song of the Ancients”
  • SaGa series “The Minstrel’s Refrain: SaGa Series Medley 2016”
  • Soulcalibur “The Brave New Stage of History”
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