A lot of our dream dance classes are available online right now as the dance community pulls together to spread happiness right now. The latest addition to that incredible list of classes is a tutorial from Keone and Mari Madrid. Make room. It’s time for a personal lesson in your living room!

Joined by their eight-month-old daughter Numah, Keone and Mari are sharing a portion of their “Happy” routine. If you keep up with Keone and Mari’s performances, you probably recognize this routine from showcases they’ve performed in and even NBC’s World of Dance. In the video, Mari shares that they’ve actually tried to retire the routine multiple times without success. It brings too much joy for people to let it go!

The tutorial is fast and challenging, but tons of fun. If you’re dancing with your family, maybe you even have a young dancer that would also enjoy some “babyography” like Numah. Plus, “Happy” is a perfect addition to any motivational playlist, so put it on whenever you need an extra boost!

Check out their full tutorial below!