Recently, Showstopper VIP talked to Nia Sioux about her new hit “FLXXN” and the music video that would soon be accompanying the single. Now, that the music video is out, and along with some amazing dancers and a feature from the rapper Riddick, this music video showcases the choreography talents of Kristin McQuaid. We talked with Kristin about what it was like working on the video with Nia and her artistic process overall.

In our interview with Nia, she said that the music video was about “overcom[ing] adversity with beauty, grace, style, and strength”. This was important to Kristin as well. “Nia is an artist that is very true to who she is and always trying to inspire others,” Kristin said about the “FLXXN” star. They were on the same page about what the music video would represent and how it would eventually come together. “This concept wasn’t tough when it came to the direction of the concept and the choreography,” Kristin told us about the artistic process behind the video. “You will notice that the choreography is powerful yet humble.”

Powerful yet humble seems to describe Kristin McQuaid as well. Best known for her work with America’s Got Talent singer Grace Vanderwaal, Kristin has a talent for creating music videos that are graceful yet have a big presence. Nia is like this, too, and it was these shared characteristics that really allowed Nia and Kristin to connect over “FLXXN”. “Much like Nia, I myself am not the type of person to flaunt each and every step of my life,” Kristin said. “Knowing your worth is something so powerful, rather than trying to show off your every move.”

Kristin was, however, trying to show off Nia’s every move in the music video for “FLXXN”. Her main goal was to make Nia look amazing. “That is always my goal when working on any tour or music video. My main priority is to make sure the artist is being delivered and shown in their best light,” she said about her goals as a choreographer. This dedication to bringing Nia to life on screen translated into the creation of four different sections choreographed by Kristin for the video. “When filming a music video, it’s much different than learning a full 3-minute routine,” she said about the filming process. “You learn bits and pieces and with editing the full vision comes to life.” The full vision here was to show Nia as a hardworking #girlboss, and they accomplished it.

The music video for “FLXXN” is out now, so you can enjoy Nia’s new song and Kristin’s choreography together over and over again. One thing you won’t see in the video, though, is one of Kristin’s favorite elements. We asked Kristin if there was anything she wished she could have added to the music video, and she revealed that she always sees new ways that her projects could have been even more incredible. “I am so picky about my work and constantly thinking about how I can improve it,” she said. “In this case, I love how the final product turned out, and I don’t know if I would have done anything differently. But, if it was an option, I would have liked to have used some drone shots.” If you look at many of Kristin’s previous work on music videos, it is obvious that she loves those big sweeping drone shots. Unfortunately, since they filmed “FLXXN” in a real gym, drones just weren’t an option.

Now that “FLXXN” is complete, Kristin is working on more choreography projects. She revealed that among her collection of upcoming projects is another music video that will be coming soon. She also recently choreographed for the BRAT web series Dirt. “I am currently working with a lot of other leading artists!” Kristin said. “Lots more to come for sure!”

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