via Under Armour Misty Copeland Signature Collection

Misty Copeland has been a spokesperson for Under Armour for four years. Last week, Misty announced the next step in her relationship with the athletic clothing brand – her own signature collection of athletic clothing.

As a dancer, Misty knows how important it is for your clothing to be versatile and dynamic. It has to move the way you move. It also, of course, has to look fabulous. That’s why The Misty Copeland Signature Collection focuses on an effortlessly stylish look that you can take to the studio or the street.

“Under Armour helped my vision become a reality and I’m so excited to share this collection with women everywhere. I wanted a line where we could feel fierce in the gym, and at the same time, feel confident wearing the same look out to dinner, running errands or living our everyday lives.”

– Misty Copeland

The collection includes everything you could possibly need for a fabulous athletic wardrobe from leggings and tank tops to bodysuits and even trench coats. These clothes are not just for working out. They are for feeling amazing in. Whether you are preparing for your next big production on stage or going to a restaurant, Misty’s line is designed with beauty and function in mind.
via Under Armour Misty Copeland Signature Collection 
Luckily, we don’t have to wait to add this collection to our wardrobes. The Misty Copeland Signature Collection is available online at and in Under Armour stores and select Macy’s stores.
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