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Prepare your happy dance! Let’s take some time to be a little more carefree. Worrying is part of life, sometimes it is an annoying reminder of things we’re too lazy to do and sometimes it is a helpful motivator, but when the worrying starts to take up more time than actually doing what you’re worried about, it’s time for a change! Here are some tips to get you back on track and out from under the weight of your worry.

Accept Uncertainty

You never know what might happen tomorrow or even in the next five minutes! Every moment is a surprise, but surprises are exciting! Look at life as an exciting gift you get to open over and over again.

Assess Your Worth

When you worry excessively, you make it harder to succeed. The stress of worrying takes a lot of energy! You could be putting that energy toward your dreams, so why waste it on what-ifs? Step back and think about how awesome you are, not how big whatever you are worrying about it. You are bigger than your worries.

Focus on Success

What have you done today? Do a little dance for everything you have accomplished even if all you did was put away your laundry. Instead of focusing on to-do lists focus on your done lists. They say a lot more about what you have going on anyway.

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