Earlier this week, Nia Sioux released a heartwarming, community-driven Christmas song that we can’t stop listening to! She didn’t just sing about giving back in her “Best Christmas” track though. She took her message to her community and actually got down to business with community service this holiday season. Today, her music video is out, and you can see Nia’s kind heart in action.

Together, Lela B (featured on the track) and Nia went out into their community to volunteer, give, and donate items to those in need. They handed out homemade cookies to strangers to bring them a little sweetness, worked with animals at a shelter, and donated to those in need. This is obviously a lot of work, but they wanted to show how easy it is to spread kindness. “We tried to capture an array of ways to give back,” Nia said about the video.

Nia revealed that all of this didn’t happen overnight. They filmed the music video over several days to give them time to volunteer as much as possible. “We donated to an animal shelter and had a food drive for the Food Bank where we collected 105 pounds of food,” Nia told us. Aside from all the joy Nia and Lela B got from volunteering, their favorite scene was the party scene that features in the music video. They filmed it on a rooftop. Lela was the DJ, of course, and a group of talented dancers made up the party. (You’ll probably recognize some of those dancers from Showstopper’s Sparkle Society!)

Now, what are you waiting for? Put “Best Christmas” on repeat and start planning how you’re going to give back this season!

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