Winter is cold, but you want to celebrate it and decorate for it by staying warm and cozy. What’s cozier than your bedroom? The first place you should start when you set out to turn your bedroom into the perfect place to hang out and celebrate the season is to warmth and texture.

Throw Pillows

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A quick and easy way to make your room more plush is to add throw pillows. Add a few larger throws to your bed, and if you have a chair in your room, toss a lumbar pillow onto it! You can get throw pillows in all different textures, patterns, and prints, so it’s easy to customize it to your specific winter tastes.

Knit Fabrics

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Now, let’s get down to the actual warmth in your warm and cozy space. Sure, you probably have blankets in your room already, but now that it’s colder out, you’re going to want to add a little more weight to your throws. Knit blankets will add texture to your room and are great to cuddle up with when you’ve got your hot chocolate and your laptop out to watch your favorite show on Netflix.

Faux Fur

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Speaking of texture, there’s nothing more perfect for your winter wonderland aesthetic than faux fur. Faux fur rugs, pillows, and even furniture all make a room feel more full and comfortable. If you really want to achieve that winter-feeling, try adding white, cream, or grey-toned faux fur to add some brightness to the room.

Warm Lighting

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We all love warm lighting in the winter. From the twinkling lights on your Christmas tree to the glow of the fire, warm light sets the tone for the season. Warm light is soothing and creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxing, reading while you look at the cold outside, and even taking a winter nap!

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