DanceOn choreographer Tricia Miranda created a challenge for dancers around the world: learn her choreography and film your version to enter the #paninidanceoff for a chance to win $1000. (What are you waiting for? The world needs to see your hip hop moves!)

One of the latest dancers to enter this contest is none other than dancer and actress Nicole Laeno. But Lil Nas X’s delicious track “Panini” isn’t all Nicole was celebrating with this dance. She also his 1 million followers on her Instagram around the time she entered the dance off.

And what better song to dance to as she continues to rise to dance fame? Lil Nas X explained the song’s inspiration–sorry, dancers, Panini isn’t actually a sandwich in this case–in a Genius suggestion, “Panini was possessive over Chowder in the show. She’s a representation of fans of who love you when you’re small. Once you get the spotlight, they aren’t feeling you as much. The song is not a diss, but anger towards that fan, but also wanting them back.”

We’re sure Nicole’s fans love her just as much at 1 million as they did at 100 or less (almost as much as the spotlight loves her)!