It looks like we won’t be seeing Nigel Lythgoe at the So You Think You Can Dance judges’ table this summer. Last week, Fox announced that the show which has been on hiatus for the last two years will return for Season 17, but until now there was no news about judges or the show’s host.

Nigel, SYTYCD executive producer and co-creator, tweeted Friday that he is “thrilled” to see the show returning. In the same tweet he shared some sad news as well. “I have not been asked to be on the judging panel this season,” he wrote. “I don’t know who will be saying ‘Cue Music’ but I wish them well.”

We (and many fans) were sure that Nigel would be returning as a staple member of the judging panel. Now, it looks like anyone could be taking the stage. Fans replied to Nigel’s tweet (and he followed up himself) with speculation that Fox wanted to make the show younger or “fresher,” and Nigel seemed to agree.

Whoever the judges are in Season 17, we’re sure they’ll be fantastic members of the dance world, but they’ll definitely have some big shoes to fill.

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