There are 365 (and probably more!) big moments ahead of you. From performances and milestones to important meetings, birthdays, and adventures, 2020 is the start of a decade of new and exciting experiences. With all of that to look forward to, you’ll want to start off organized and ready for anything with one of these fabulous planners.

Lush Leaves ($7.99): Make every day tropical with this leaf-adorned planner. If you’re an intense organizer, this planner might be exactly what you’re looking for with space for everything from goals and notes to weekly spreads that organized into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening sections so you can keep track of your day down to the hour.

Rose Gold Marble ($13.90): For planners that can’t put their iPads down, this digital planner is the perfect way to keep your planning paperless. This undated planner is perfect for any year now and forever, and you can even decide whether you want to start your week off with Sunday or Monday. It is a PDF file that is compatible with Goodnotes and Notability (the clickable tabs function in these apps!). As if that wasn’t enough, it’s super customizable if you really want to make it your own with digital covers, trackers, vision boards, and stickers.

Glitter Sugarplum Slumber ($14): You can’t have a glitter emergency with a planner this sparkly! This star glitter-filled magenta planner is a mini-binder full of all the calendars and tabs you need to stay perfectly organized. Plus, it comes with stickers and sticky-notes to make each page even more fabulous. 

Skinny Mini Biz Babe Happy Planner ($17.99): Busy but low on space in your bag? This “skinny” planner is low profile while still packed with everything you need to stay organized with calendars, note pages, and dividers perfect for any “Boss Babe” with a lot to keep track of.

Gold Embroidered Planner ($18.95): Don’t just plan ahead for next week or next month! This gorgeous planner includes all of the yearly, monthly, and weekly spreads that you need to keep your busy schedule at your fingertips. It also includes a “How I Bloomed in 2020” page, monthly challenges, and inspirational quotes to keep your successes and personal growth in mind throughout the year.

On the Go Folio ($20): If you have a habit of changing up your organization system every couple of months (we’ve all been there), this folio system is exactly what you need. This folio cover has bands to hold four different journals, so you can mix and match styles and swap out for a completely new system whenever you change your mind about how you want to run your life.

I Am Very Busy by ($20): You should add to this planner, “I am very prepared,” because this planner keeps all of your big dreams and busy schedules neatly filed away with yearly overviews, monthly and weekly spreads, and complimentary artwork. Oh, and if you want to personalize your planner, this little book has you covered. There are stickers, 3D pages, and even a personality quiz.

Cambridge Planner ($20.95): Pretty, pink, and simple. This large planner has a delicate look complete with a satin bookmark and gilded page edges. If you’re obsessed with keeping track of every detail from dates to phone numbers but don’t have time for any extra decorations (you need room for extra notes and highlights!), this is exactly what you need.

Dyed Notebook ($23): Shibori never goes out of style, and if you’re hoping for a year that is totally boho-chic, this planner is perfect. And, if you’re not super into writing down every single thing, this slim planner is perfect for keeping track of the essentials and keeping them safe with a clear protective cover, paper pockets, and useful stickers.

Ardium Weekly Basic Planner ($26.95): If you want to keep Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year close at hand this year, a blue planner is perfect. This Mochi planner brings a pop of color into your life without over-complicating your schedule. It has simple year, month, and week spreads plus note pages for anything extra you absolutely must remember.

Live in Color Happy Planner ($27.99): Rainbows. Rainbows. Rainbows. While you’re making big plans for 2020, keep yourself busy and positively vibrant with this Happy Planner. With calendars for each month and motivational artwork throughout this colorful planner, you’ll always be organized–especially since you can add as many pages as you need with the simple ring-binding system.

Carousel by ($28): This large, 12-month planner is perfect for color-coordinated organization #queensIt has year, month, and week spreads that have matching artwork and stickers all themed around that particular month’s color. If this rainbow adventure through the year didn’t bring enough joy (as if), this planner also compliments you! (Oh, and there are 3D pages as a bonus.)

Leopard Print Planner ($28.99): Go bold with this stunning leopard print planner. Your wild adventures won’t be in a jungle of lost to-dos. This planner has weekly, monthly, and yearly spreads along with extra note-taking space. Plus, you can make it extra fierce with the personalizable cover.

Le Moderne ($28.99): Color-blocking is trending in spring 2020 fashion. Get started by adding this bold and bright yellow journal to your everyday essentials. It will turn heads and keep all of your big plans between two sturdy hardcovers.

The Jag ($28.99): If you can’t tell, leopard print is in, so it only makes sense that you should keep all of your important dates and deadlines tucked safely in a leopard-covered journal. With a personalizable cover and a simple ribbon bookmark, this hardcover planner is the perfect complement to your schedule and your style. 

The Starry Night ($31.95): Who knew the night sky came in so many colors? Well, it really doesn’t, but there’s nothing stopping you from having the whimsical sky of your dreams on this adorable planner. It comes in six colors! Among the constellations are yearly, monthly, and daily spreads, grid note pages, and space for all of your out of this world plans for 2020.

DubuDumo Planner ($35.90): A sleek binder that comes in 8 different colors, this planner is for anyone that wants to keep all of their notes and to-dos carefully tucked away. Your important reminders along with a world map, monthly calendars, weekly spreads, and lined and grid note pages are all tucked away behind a cute little snap. Your favorite pen is safely tucked in a snug loop.

Flair Flora Kate Spade ($36): No, you’re eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This is a leopard print-esque floral journal. Fashionistas, this journal is for you. The outside is fashion-forward, but it also contains gorgeous sticker sheets, monthly and weekly spreads, and note pages for all of your fabulous to-dos and memories.

Sweet Water Decor Planner ($39.99): If you’re looking for a sweet and simple planner that you can add your own style to, this 2020 planner features handwriting-style fonts and simple weekly and monthly spreads that you can make fabulous with your favorite stickers, highlighters, notes, and more. Plus, this planner has an inside front cover pocket for keeping track of any important papers you collect throughout your day.

Bling On 2020! LifePlanner™ ($60-70): This planner shines in three metallic themes, gold, rose gold, and silver. It’s also customizable, so everyone will know exactly who that master to-do list of extraordinary activities belongs, too. Plus, if you’re particular about your organizing systems, you can choose from three different kinds of pages, including hourly!

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