Spooky season has only just begun, but the big day is getting closer and closer. Now is the perfect time to start planning Halloween costumes perfect for being the star of ever trick-or-treating outing, haunted house, and party you go to! We have so many ideas, and some of this year’s favorite music videos are the perfect inspiration for some unique costume choices.

Billie’s Tricycle Squad

With this group costume, there’s plenty of room for all of your BFFs to be part of the fun. Street fashion, a “bad guy” attitude, and some mini transportation are all you need to pull off this costume.

The Gossip Girls from “Tea Time”

It’s no lie that these three characters from Camila Cabello’s latest music video are over the top–well, except for Tammy. If you have a flair for the dramatic or even if you don’t (we’re looking at you, Tammy), this is the perfect costume for you and your best girls.

One of Taylor’s Color-Blocked Outfits

What’s your favorite color? Taylor Swift and Christian Owens cover pretty much all of them in the music video for her 2019 album’s title track “Lover”. With enough friends, you could even create a rainbow of Taylor looks.

A Character from Ed’s “Frivolous Spy Film”

If you want to get a little silly (or “frivolous”), Ed Sheeran’s collaborative music video for “South of the Border” features all of our favorite spy archetypes and even some of Camila Cabello’s iconic flowy-dress looks.

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