Don’t be Nervous

It can be scary to learn new moves with a teacher you aren’t used to and to be around a bunch of strangers. This is understandable and expected, but don’t let your nerves ruin your fun! You never know, you might meet some new dance BFFs at a convention. However, if you focus too much on what could go wrong you will miss out on all of the fun and the opportunities dance conventions give you.

Dress for Anything

During dance conventions, you are moving around between classes and sometimes between different styles, so make sure that you are wearing something that allows you to move! You probably won’t have time to change between classes, so the more your outfit can do, the better.

Focus on the Moves

You might be super excited to meet your celebrity dance teacher, or maybe you just want everyone to see how talented you are. Either way, make sure that you don’t lose sight of why you are at a dance convention – the dancing! It is exciting to have an opportunity to take selfie with your favorite dancer, but it is even more exciting to learn how to perform like they do.