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Challenge your students to dress as characters from their favorite holiday productions. If you’re afraid of getting too many Nutcrackers and Rat Kings, you can also give them a list of holiday productions to look at for characters to draw inspiration from. For a little added fun, put together (or find some parents to volunteer) some fun goodies to give to those with the best costumes.


Whatever holiday your studio celebrates, decorate in a way that best represents you! If you are a hip hop studio, you could decorate your tree with sneaker ornaments and cassette tapes. This can be as simple as hanging lights that match your studio’s logo colors or as complicated as you can imagine!

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Snacks and Sweets

Set up a cute snack table and stock it with treats for everyone to enjoy. An easy way to do this is to have parents sign up to bring things to add to what you are already going to provide. Not only does this make it easier to fill the table with good food, it also allows your students and their families to participate in throwing the party.


It wouldn’t be a studio party without dancing! Put together a few short playlists with different kinds of music to give your students variety. You can plan to show off your routines to their families, or let them take the floor and freestyle. The only goal is to get everyone dancing!

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