Courtesy of Rachael Fahim

Australian country music star Rachael Fahim is back with new music. After releasing her single “Darts in the Dark” last year, Rachael took a step back to focus on herself. Now, she’s back and ready to continue taking on the charts with her new song “City Girls in the Country,” a country-rock anthem that has arrived just in time to amp up the last few months of the year.

A song that is as much fun as it is a message to Rachael’s fans that anyone can enjoy country music (and, like Rachael, rock at it!), “City Girls in the Country” is an ode to Rachael’s experiences as a Lebanese-Australian artist in country music. Read on to catch up with Rachael to get an inside look at her return, what it took to bring “City Girls in the Country” to life, and some news about her debut album!

Showstopper Magazine Online: Last time we caught up with you, you were releasing your single “Darts in the Dark.” What is it like to be back with new music?

Rachael Fahim: It’s been a hot minute since “Darts” came out, so it’s really exciting to be back on the new music radar with this next single. I feel like I had to take a step back for my mental health there for a bit, which was honestly a little scary – especially when you rely on momentum as an artist to open doors and create opportunities. But I’m ready to hit the ground running with “City Girls in the Country” and I hope everyone loves the new sound and new level of honesty!

Showstopper Magazine Online: Your new song “City Girls in the Country” is out now! What are you most excited about with that release? 

Rachael: I’m excited to see reactions! I wanted to be really open in this song and say something that’s been on my mind for a while so I can’t wait to hear stories and relate to my fellow country-loving city-goers.

Showstopper Magazine Online: What inspired this country-rock anthem? 

Rachael: Being a Sydney-born, Lebanese-descent, country music artist, I have raised a lot of eyebrows over my time in the industry. The reason why this song came to life was that I was really tired of being questioned about my love of country music, just because of where I lived and what my last name is. 

“City Girls in the Country” is an anthem for all of the people out there who are like me—we have so many layers to our personalities and being a “city girl” who loves country music and hummus are just a few layers of mine.

Courtesy of Rachael Fahim

Showstopper Magazine Online: “City Girls in the Country” was also a huge collaboration. Who were your co-writers? How did you all bring the single to life?

Rachael: The amazing, international team that brought this song together was a bunch of my fave people to work with! We had Rosi Golan and David “Messy” Mescon via Zoom from the US, and the Banton Brothers via Zoom from their studios in Sydney—I was at Ralph Street Studios in Sydney with Greg Stace who was producing during the session.

I don’t usually enjoy Zoom sessions but this one was awesome and full—the vibes were TOPS!

Showstopper Magazine Online: Do you have a favorite line in the song?

Rachael: I feel there are a lot of really cool lines that paint the storyline in my head—the one that paints the prettiest picture is “the stars overhead are our chandelier.” This image marries the “city meets country” idea.

Those that know me—know that I love anything to do with space as well so a night looking up at a sky full of stars is pure bliss to me. This line takes me there.

Showstopper Magazine Online: You’ve also been working on your debut album. Can you tell us anything about that project? How does “City Girls in the Country” fit into the album?

Rachael: I haven’t been in any rush so far to get my debut album out yet. I have the songs, but to be real with you, I just love releasing singles! I think that’s the way we all absorb music these days with streaming services, and music being so easily accessible. I understand the importance behind an album, and I want to drop mine soon, but it’s got to feel right.

“City Girls in the Country” fits on the upcoming album in the way it marks a turning point in my career. Before this song came to life, I had faced some recent hard times and betrayal and was ready to quit. I am a different person because of these experiences, I’m tougher and more resilient, and CGITC embodies my new-found sass and strength.

I think on the album, this song will feel powerful and show another side of who I am as an artist alongside the other songs that all made me who I am today.

“City Girls in the Country” is streaming now on all major music platforms!

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