Bailey Sok

Everyone meet Bailey Sok, a 13 year old dancing sensation who has worked with some of THE best choreographers around. Bailey is such a superb dancer in many styles, but is currently killing it in Hip Hop. You may have seen Bailey around while doing your daily Youtube binge. Her first claim to fame was back in 2010 when she performed an amazing trio to “My Boyfriends Back” at the age of 6. The video for that has gained¬†over 4 million views since its introduction to Youtube. She was also apart of the group Buns and Roses who competed on America’s Got Talent. Since then she has been taking over the scene and working to strengthen her craft. You may have also seen her competing along side fellow On the Radar feature Charlize glass on go90’s Dance off Juniors.¬†We can not wait to see what else this Youtube sensation brings to the table. You go Bailey!




Bailey Working those turns!



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Bailey werking it to some crazy cool hip hop choreography.


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