Big lights, high kicks, and big stages are just a few words to describe what it’s like being a Rockette! Holding this prestigious position also includes 6 hour a day practices, 6 days a week. This is to make sure every performance is the most precise, entertaining, and visually pleasing performance the audience has ever seen. If you have your sights set on becoming a Rockette one day, there are a few steps you can take to help you for your Radio City future. Each year, the Rockettes hold an amazing Summer Intensive to give dancers a glimpse into the lives of New York’s Radio City Rockettes! The deadline for the 2017 Summer Intensive has passed. However, you can still keep the Rockettes Summer Intensive (RSI) auditions on your radar. More than 60 Rockettes credit this intensive program as the reason for their success. If you are serious about being on that big stage one day, auditioning for the RSI is something that you NEED to consider!


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