Photographer: Ragan Henderson

Today, singer-songwriter ROSIE released her new single “Something I Hate.” We caught up with ROSIE to get an inside look at the song and her overall goals as an artist.

“My overall mission is to raise mental health awareness through music,” ROSIE told us. For this artist, that means that authenticity is at the forefront of everything she does. “To me, authenticity is about honesty,” ROSIE said. “Whether it’s my Instagram, my music, my mental health, or any other aspect of who I am, I want everyone to know that we’re all human beings just doing our best. I hope my music reflects that!”

“Something I Hate” was inspired by ROSIE’s own insecurities including body dysmorphia. When she wrote the single, she shared that she was “coming from a place of loneliness, but now I see that I am anything but alone in my struggles.”

With a song this vulnerable, we had to ask ROSIE about the impact it has had on her even before its release. A process that she called “painful yet cathartic,” writing “Something I Hate” took her through a lot of different emotions. “Turning trauma into art is always a challenge, but it comes with the greatest reward, which is seeing this supportive, kind community build around such a difficult topic for so many.” She refers to creating the song as “truly a form of processing” and shared that the song is “a message to my inner child/younger self (who thought she was the only one going through these struggles).”

Photographer: Ragan Henderson

While “Something I Hate,” is deeply personal to ROSIE, she’s hoping to see it have a positive impact on her listeners as well. “I am most excited to see it hopefully reach the people who need to hear it. Making music is healing for me so I want my music to help heal others.” Writing the song, ROSIE wanted her younger self to know she’s not alone, and she wants her listeners to know they’re not either.

Now, that the song is out, ROSIE is starting to see some of that healing. She told us, “I just want to thank everyone who gave me the courage to release it. I received so many kind comments and DMs and I just want it to be known that I’m truly touched and so grateful for every single one!”

“Something I Hate” is out now and streaming on all major music platforms.

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