What would you do if a strange girl showed up on your doorstep and said that you were her only living relatives? That’s exactly what happens when teen scammer Nick shows up at the home of parents Ed and Liz. Melissa Joan Hart, who is playing the role of Liz in the show, calls No Good Nick a “family dramedy mystery series”, and with Fuller House coming to an end after its fifth season, this might just be the show we’ve all been waiting for.

Playing the title role in the series is Sparkle Society member Siena Agudong. Known for her role as Natalie on the Nickelodeon family comedy Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn, this isn’t the first time Siena his no stranger to playing characters that carve out their own paths, but unlike Natalie, Nick is concerned with more than just how people pronounce her name.

When the first ten episodes of No Good Nick hit Netflix on April 15th, prepare yourself for a wild ride. And take advantage of the rewatchability of streamed shows. There are apparently a lot of little details hidden throughout the episodes that connect everything together. The more you watch, the more you’ll notice.

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