Sophie Pecora is steadily approaching the release of her second EP, Wildflower. Today, just three weeks after she released her song “Anxiety,” the second single from the EP, “Overthinking,” an empathetic pop track about getting caught up in your own thoughts, is streaming now.

Thought it features many of Sophie’s signatures like savvy rhymes and indie rap beats, “Overthinking” also has a pop vibe that’s new to her discography. When we asked what let her in that direction, Sophie admitted that it wasn’t a conscious decision. “It wasn’t a choice,” she said. “When I write songs, I just let any kind of lyrics or melody flow out of me. I wrote this song first on my guitar, and I always had it in my mind that it would be a really hype pop song. It just always felt that way.”

Sophie also shared that her favorite part of “Overthinking” is the bridge. “I can’t stop my mind from running,” Sophie sings, “people telling me it’s nothing. You’re not in my brain. You have nothing to say.” She broke it down for us: “This is talking about how sometimes people can say it’s all in our heads and whatever we’re worried about doesn’t actually matter–which may be true, but it matters to us and that’s enough.”

Wildflower will make its deput in May, and as the release date approaches, Sophie is most excited for people to hear the final song on the EP. “I’m excited for people to hear the final song,” she told us. “I think that song is very special and a perfect way to end off the project. The song is so encouraging and full of hope, and I hope that spreads to everyone who listens. I think it’ll be a very comforting song for people.”

“Overthinking” is available to stream now on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and more!

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