Get to know dancer & gymnast, Artyon Celestine!

When did you decide to become a gymnast?

I decided to become a gymnast when I was only 2 years old!

How does dance help you to become a better gymnast and visa versa?

Strength and conditioning training helps me in dance and ballet and technical training helps me with my floor routines in gymnastics.

What’s your favorite move?

Giants on the Hi-Bar.

What move was the hardest for you to master?

My giant on the P-bars.

What did you do to perfect it?

I did extra private lessons with my coach once a week for 2 months to get the skill down.

How did it feel when you finally got it?

I felt invincible!

What advice can you give to people who are trying to be gymnasts?

Work hard, train hard, and “perfect practice makes permanent,” the same thing that my coach always tells me.

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