Last week ballroom dancer Dianne Buswell partnered with Pasquale La Rocca and Sure deodorant to break a dancing world record. Diane and Pasquale danced 12.60 km (7.54 mi) to break the Guinness World Record for “farthest distance danced by a couple.”

They set out to break the record to test Sure’s 72-hour non-stop protection deodorant. They didn’t dance for quite 72 hours, but breaking the record did take Dianne and Pasquale over 2 hours and 12 minutes. That’s a long time to dance, but they kept things moving, literally!

Instagram / @diannebuswell

The dancers broke the world record at a Sure event in London on May 9! “We broke a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD! With a little help from @sure #72HourNonStopProtection” Dianne said in an Instagram story. We love to see dancers making big moves on and off the dance floor, and the record for farthest distance danced is a pretty popular one. Dianne and Pasquale are the fourth couple to set a new record.