Performing in their final solos and duets this week, the Top 4, made up of not one but two couples to beat, danced together, with All Star partners, and solo. But, before the competition could begin, they opened the show with the help of some All Stars for a routine inspired by the upcoming movie musical of Cats. If you’ve ever wondered what Cats would be like if the cats were human, look no further. While this performance choreographed by Mandy Moore was lacking in ears and tails, it made up for it with mystery, trenchcoats, and incredible dance.

Sophie and Gino

The first of the two couples to beat to take the stage was Sophie and Gino. Performing a jazz routine choreographed by Ray Leeper, these two had almost too much chemistry for the story they were telling. The judges were pleased to see that they set themselves up for a night full of good technique and passion.

Mariah and Bailey

Mariah and Bailey’s final duet performance for this season was a smooth jazz piece choreographed by Jonathan Redavid. In this piece, Mariah plays the dream girl that is just out of Bailey’s reach. With their one chance to dance together, Bailey’s character brought passion, and he even used this routine as his opportunity to give Mariah flowers (as he’s done every week of the competition!).

Gino’s Solo

The first solo of the evening was a powerful showcase of Gino’s contemporary technique.

Sophie and Marko

After performing with their partners, each of the Top 4 was partnered with a SYTYCD All Star. Sophie was given a contemporary routine with Marko choreographed by Talia Favia. Sophie cried at the end of this performance, inspired by the choreography and her partner. The judges thought this was a picture of her physical and emotional strength and her best performance so far.

Bailey and Comfort

Bailey and Comfort hip hopped their way through a routine choreographed by Luther Brown. This piece was a celebration of Bailey’s growth and success in the competition so far, and they brought the house down. The whole crowd chanted Bailey’s name when they were finished.

Sophie’s Solo

Did you see that turn!? Sophie’s solo was both rhythmic and technical in all the best ways.

Mariah and Gino

In a twist, Mariah and Gino performed together in a quick step routine choreographed by Sharna Burgess and Artem Chigvintsev. This style is usually contestants’ downfall, but the judges thought they took on this fast-paced performance successfully.

Sophie and Bailey

When Sophie and Bailey performed a Bollywood routine choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan, Nigel thought he had seen them both dance better. But, where their attention to detail was lacking, the fun they brought the stage filled in the gaps.

Mariah’s Solo

Mariah’s solo brought a little bit of everything from leaps to turns to the stage.

Gino and Melanie

Given a contemporary piece choreographed by Jaci Royal, Gino and his All Star partner Melanie managed to bring out the vulnerability Gino has been trying to tap into all season. Obviously, this breakthrough impressed the judges and made the performance even more powerful.

Bailey’s Solo

Can you keep up with Bailey’s fast feet in this solo? It’s no wonder the crowd took up chanting his name again after this.

Mariah and Robert

It’s impossible not to get emotional watching a Mandy Moore contemporary piece. Mariah and her All Star partner Robert brought this emotion to life, showcasing Mariah’s contemporary talent and her ability to be vulnerable on stage.

Gino and Bailey

Before this Broadway performance choreographed by Al Blackstone hit the stage, Bailey joked “You never know, we might be the new couple to beat…But Mariah and Bailey forever.” After they performed, Mary certainly agreed. Not only did these two give Nigel his favorite performance of the series, but he also said that this was the best Top 4 group ever.

Sophie and Mariah

The final performance brought best friends Mariah and Sophie on stage for a catty hip hop duet choreographed by Luther Brown. Neon and full of sass, this performance had Nigel and Cat grooving with excitement about both dancers’ hip hop abilities.

These final performances will decide which of the Top 4 dancers is named America’s Favorite Dancer. Next week, we will get to see them revisit some of this season’s best performances while they wait for the results.

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