90s tie-dye icon and throwback Showstopper sponsor Lisa Frank is collaborating with CASETiFY for a line of phone cases and tech accessories that are full of stickered nostalgia. If you’re a 90s kid, then it’s time to relive your back to school days with all of your favorite rainbow cheetah print patterns. If you’re going back to school now, then you’re in for a throwback treat. There’s nothing that compliments and iconic style like Lisa Frank aliens, rainbows, and glitter.

The collab isn’t just a revival of some of our favorite Lisa Frank characters and aesthetics, it’s also full of all the things you need to keep your favorite devices safe. Basically, it doesn’t matter if you’re carrying a phone or a laptop in your backpack, they have something for you.

These are the things we’re obsessing over. Obviously, we can’t get enough!

Lisa Frank Composition Book in Tie-Dye

available at CASETiFY for $50.00

As if adding a composition book skin to your phone wasn’t enough, an extra dash of tie-dye and that iconic Lisa Frank logo make this the coolest thing you’ll have in your pocket all year.

Lisa Frank Composition Book in Rainbow Leopard

available at CASETiFY for $72.00

If your phone is going to be all notebook-ed up, your iPad might as well be, too! Opening this up to work on your digital notebook or your next big project will the ultimate Lisa Frank moment.

Lisa Frank Ring Holder Smiley

available at CASETiFY for $20.00

If you’re not into leopard print and tie-dye…well, we can’t say we get it, but we can say that there’s still something in this collection to put a smile on your face…or your phone! Next time you need a little extra something to hold onto, this ring holder has you covered.

This collection is sure to sell out fast, so we’re taking our throwback shopping trip ASAP.

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