Now that So You Think You Can Dance has officially gone live for the season, it’s getting harder and harder to watch our favorite dancers go home. Last week, Evan and Chelsea were sent home because the chemistry just wasn’t there. This week, two more dancers followed them off the stage after the Top 8 performed.

This week’s show opened with a complex group routine choreographed by Christopher Scott. The performance featured the Top 8’s incredible moves and prop work you would have to see to believe. After the performance, the Top 8 took the stage for the night’s duets and group numbers and even solos!

Jensen & Jay Jay

Jensen and Jay Jay had a lot to celebrate after last week. Not only did they receive plenty of positive feedback from the judges (and survive the eliminations), Jensen also got engaged! This week they paired up with choreographer Sean Cheesman for a jazzy spy routine for their first performance. The judges were just as impressed this week with their partnering and their ability to make dancing look easy.

Their next performance brought them into the kitchen where choreographers Hef and Randi had them flipping pans, throwing spices, and getting funky. Even though their dinner came out burned, the judges thought they set the stage on fire with their skills.

Genessy & Slavik

Mandy Moore put her skills to work choreographing a contemporary routine for Genessy and Slavik’s first duet this week. During rehearsals, it seemed like Slavik struggled with pointing his toes and making lifts look effortless, but on stage, he and Genessy were graceful and strong, and the judges seemed impressed by their growth.

When they returned to the stage to perform a jazz routine choreographed by Ray Leeper, they were transformed into two butlers with a unique cleaning style. After all of their housework, Genessy and Slavik cleaned up with the judges’ who had nothing but compliments for both of them.

Magda & Darius

Last week, Magda found herself in the Bottom Four with Cole, Evan, and Chelsea. They made it through, but this week they have to prove to the audience that they deserve their votes. For their first duet, they were paired up with hip hop choreographers Phoenix and Pharside for a fierce routine about releasing your “inner beast”. Unfortunately, tWitch did not think that they executed the routine very well.

Their next routine was a contemporary number choreographed by Jaci Royal. While they were preparing to point their toes and create a deep emotional connection with the audience, Jaci was planning complicated prop work with a rope that would tie these two together. During rehearsals, Magda and Darius struggled with their rope choreography, but they were gorgeous on stage. The judges had nothing but good things to say about their performance. Well, except Nigel who insisted that, “This is a dance competition, not a rodeo,” which ignited an argument among the judges about whether or not the routine had enough dance in it.

Cole & Hannahlei

Travis Wall is known for choreographing emotional contemporary routines for SYTYCD, but this week he was putting Hannahlei and Cole through the trials of learning a Broadway routine. After their performance, the Cat and the judges could barely speak over the audience’s cheering. They were impressed with both dancers’ honesty and overall performance, and they were happy to see Cole growing as the season progresses.

Sasha Farber and Emma Slater were in charge of choreographing Cole and Hannahlei’s next routine, a steamy cha cha. The characters they portrayed in the routine are much different from their real-life personalities, but they managed to bring them to life and get the audience and all of the judges on their feet. The judges were happy to say that these two are continuing to improve with every performance.


Scattered among the night’s performances were short solos that showcased a glimpse of each dancer’s skill and unique style. And, even though they were short, those small moments with each dancer definitely reminded us that it isn’t just their ability to partner that brought them this far.

The Girls’ Group Performance

After the duets were over, the Top 4 girls were first to take the stage for a group performance. Talia Favia choreographed their powerful routine in a way that highlighted the abilities and strength of each of the girls.

The Guy’s Group Performance

When the Top 4 guys took the stage for a group routine choreographed by Luther Brown, they were showing off their “juice” with slow shuffles and in this quick and fun routine. The judges were full of enthusiasm about their moves and their yellow trenchcoats.

Going Home This Week…

After the girls’ group performance, Hannahlei, Genessy, Jensen, and Magda took the stage while the first round of results were announced. First up was Jensen who was revealed to be safe. She was followed by Magda and Genessy who were both revealed to be in the Bottom Four this week while Hannahlei was again safe. Next up were the guys. Jay Jay and Slavik were revealed to be safe while Cole and Darius were put in the Bottom Four.

After the judges had time to discuss the results of the Bottom Four, two dancers had to be eliminated. And, even though all four dancers had an incredible night, the votes spoke for themselves and Cole and Magda were sent home.

Next week, the Top 6 dancers take the stage (likely with a bit of new partnering after this week’s eliminations). Plus, the All Stars will join the competition.

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