On Tuesday, Taylor Swift took to her Instagram for a live stream where she teased that she wanted to explain the Easter egg she and Hayley Kiyoko placed in the “You Need Calm Down” music video and share more details about her upcoming album “Lover” which is officially only a month away.

In the YNTCD video, Hayley appears in front of a blue trailer taking aim with a bow and arrow at a target marked with a rather conspicuous ‘5’. Swifties were immediately sure that this pointed (quite literally) at a hint about Taylor’s track 5 tradition–her most emotional songs are placed in the fifth spot of her album’s tracklists.

While many of Taylor’s fans thought this meant that Hayley would be featured on the emotional track, she was in fact just the messenger. During the livestream, Taylor’s new song “The Archer” made its way to all of our favorite streaming services and a lyric video hit the “Me!” singer’s YouTube channel.

During her Instagram Live, Taylor revealed that “The Archer” is not a single for “Lover” and she hasn’t filmed a music video for it. She just wanted to share it with her fans.