As a dancer, the back-to-school season doesn’t just mean school, it also means dance! This can put stress on a dancer to manage school, dance, social life, and more. It’s important to be at your best not only physically but also mentally when dancing, which can be easy to overlook for a young dancer.

Stress and anxiety don’t only affect a certain age, which is why we should implement good stress management, especially in young dancers. So, to take the stress off, here are some ways to start this new season with your mind at ease!

Planning it All Out

First, let’s create a well-balanced schedule with specific time slots for everything important in your life! This can be done by using a planner, digital calendar, your favorite app, or whatever method matches your organization style best. Some great apps are Habit Tracker, Routinery, and of course, your phone’s built-in calendar.

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Whatever you use, make sure it is something you can easily access on the go for those last-minute plans. By creating a schedule, you can make sure you are maxing out your time evenly (and leaving yourself time for breaks!). Another thing you can include in your schedule is staying fueled and energized. This is important for any athlete, not just dancers. 

You Time

Making sure you are drinking enough water, eating healthy, and staying well rested is part of the formula for success. Going along with creating a schedule is allowing yourself time for things outside of dance and school. Catching that new movie with your dance BFFs or going to the mall is as important as studio time.

It’s important to give yourself time for fun things, so when you do have things to do, you are in a refreshed mindset. Because while dance might be a huge factor in your life, you can’t dance 24/7! You don’t want to push yourself past your limits. Being exhausted and overextended can quickly lead to burnout.

Organize, Organize, Organize

All right, dancers. We all know what that dance bag looks like most days! A great way to be more efficient in your busy schedule is to make sure all your dance and school necessities are in one place.

Your backpack, dance bag, and anywhere you store dance or school stuff in your room all deserve the organizer treatment. Keeping all your essentials together will save you a lot of time from running around and finding things.

Incorporating these strategies in your day-to-day will help you be your absolute best this year as a dancer and student. Let’s kick off this new season with confidence, structure, and most importantly, no stress!