Awards season is well underway, and while we celebrate the achievements of our favorite creators and creations, Brat TV has been hard at work giving us one more thing to cheer for. This week, Brat V is introducing the Brat TV Awards to awards season. The awards are focused on Brat’s lineup of web TV shows like Chicken Girls and Charmers.

“Brat TV, the hit studio behind series such as Chicken Girls, Attaway General and Charmers, will premiere it’s inaugural award show, the Brat TV Awards on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 on Brat TV’s YouTube channel. This year’s award show will be hosted by Elliana Walmsley and Kheris Rogers and will feature appearances from today’s brightest young stars such as: Hayley Leblanc, Txunamy Ortiz, Brooklyn Queen, and more. The Brat TV Awards will take a closer look at the most iconic moments from Brat TV’s extensive roster of popular gen-z series and will feature exciting categories such as, Steamiest Ship, Freshest Fit, and more. This year’s Brat TV Awards are sponsored by Extra Gum.”

Elliana (Chicken Girls) and Kheris (Chicken Girls) will take us through the awards, check out the full list of categories and nominees:

Steamiest Ship

Nina and Jamie, Attaway General
Simone and Leyla, Chicken Girls
Tre and Kimmie, Scarlett’s Lab
Eggie and Claire, Chicken Girls
Jordan and Senna, Charmers
Benny and Mikey, Attaway General

World Class Actress

Sophie Fergi as Zaria in Charmers
Millie Liao as Fi in Charmers
Hayley LeBlanc as Harmony in Chicken Girls
Txunamy as Brittany in Mani
Aliyah Moulden as Olivia in GLHF
Madi Monroe as Nina in Attaway General

Accomplished Actor 

Aidan Prince as Eggie in Chicken Girls
Liam Alexander-Newman as Walker in Chicken Girls
Mateo Gallegos as Jordan in Charmers
Kio Cyr as Jamie in Attaway General
Merrick Hanna as Goth Boy in Mani
Bryson Robinson as Chris in Mani

Freshest Fit

Bel (Kheris Rogers) in Chicken Girls
Claire (Elliana Walmsley) in Chicken Girls
Eleanor (Hannah Rylee) in Good Luck Have Fun
Olivia (Aliyah Moulden) in GLHF
Margo (Brooklyn Courtney Moore) in Chicken Girls
Brittany (Txunamy) in Mani

New Kid Award

Senna (Brooklyn Queen) in Charmers
Leo (Thaddeus Ek) in Chicken Girls
Tamara (Ella Noel) in Chicken Girls
Eva (Rave Vanias) in Attaway General
Brandon (Ben Ubinas) in Good Luck Have Fun
Tre (Alejandro Rosario) in Scarlett’s Lab

Coolest Clapback

“Get ready to be chopped, Wood.” – Clover to Jeremy Wood in Charmers
“I don’t like you enough to be mad at you.” – Leyla to Simone in Chicken Girls
“Your foundation is two shades off… both of you.” – Brittany to Paige and Monique in Mani
“Is your dad also a serial dater with codependency problems?” – Sasha about Holden in Attaway General
“Your lack of higher education and resources would be a substantial hindrance to your efforts.” – Tre to Monica in Scarlett’s Lab
“Since when are you a lumberjack?” Eggie to Claire in Chicken Girls

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