John Krasinski is the creator behind A Quiet Place and the star from Jack Ryan, but most people know him as Jim from The Office. Lately, John has been working on something a bit different. Social-distancing with his wife Emily Blunt (you might know her as Mary Poppins) and his kids, John decided that the news was a little bleak. So, he created his own news network.

Some Good News AKA SGD is a series that John is posting on his new YouTube channel where he collects good news sent to him from fans all over the world. From stories about social-distancing parades to support for healthcare workers, he is sharing everything positive in the world. The real question is whether you’ll be able to get through an episode without crying happy tears. (We can’t.)

In the second episode of SGN, one of the stories John shared is about a girl named Aubrey. On March 21, her mom tweeted at Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton‘s creator and original star, “We were supposed to see Hamilton in Jacksonville tonight–DD’s 9th bday present (seeing Hamilton has been her dream since she saw her 1st Broadway show last year), but we’re home watching Mary Poppins Returns instead. At least we’re safe & healthy.”

Well, John called Aubrey on Zoom under the guise of introducing her to Mary Poppins (his wife, of course), and he did, but they had a lot more planned for Aubrey than a chat with Emily. While they are talking, Lin “Zoom bombs” their call to upstage John and Emily’s offer to fly her and her family out to see Hamilton once the quarantine is over by starting to sing her favorite song from the musical, “Alexander Hamilton”. He doesn’t perform solo, though. The cast joins in to round out the ensemble.

Aubrey shared that on a scale of one to ten, she’s a level-one million Hamilton fan, so of course, she was shocked and excited to see not only the star of Hamilton but his castmates on her screen serenading her. Check out this good news below!

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