Known for sharing the hair, makeup, and style hacks that popularized trends like e-girls and VSCO girls, TikTokers have uncovered a surprising gem in budget-fashion–$10 Walmart Jeans.

Next time you’re on the way to hip hop, you could slip into your favorite pair of baggy sweatpants, but if you’re looking to expand your dance wardrobe, the latest TikTok trend might be perfect. The regular fit jeans are from Walmart’s George line of men’s jeans and retail for $10.44.

These affordable jeans have gained a lot of attention for being the right cut for the 90s mom jeans look that’s trending right now. Plus, being baggy and comfortable, they’re perfect for any activity. Looseness in the thighs and legs makes these jeans breathable for hip hop moves without distorting your silhouette so much that you can’t see how you hit each beat.

And, it wouldn’t be TikTok is there weren’t also tons of hacks and customization videos to make these jeans the perfect fit and look. There are outfit and styling ideas,


Better cop yours before they all run out 🤪🤣 Which outfit you like better? #outfits #walmartjeans #TwoOptions #curlyhair #fyp #foryou

♬ Charli used this sound – qt..grxcie

sewing hacks,


who looks at the back of your jeans right? 🥴 i tried #walmartjeans

♬ Stunnin’ (feat. Harm Franklin) – Curtis Waters

and even tutorials for adjusting the jeans with buttons and elastic.

The reviews are in, and TikTok loves these jeans. With a few hacks to get the right fit, you’re set to create the perfect look for dance or even the stage with all the necessary freedom of movement that baggy jeans provide.

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