Last week, Jefferson and Adrianita and Géométrie Variable secured their spots in the World Final, but the six acts remaining still had to compete for the remaining to spots in the next round. Did your favorites make it through?

Keagan Capps

After earning the nickname “Little Alien” from the judges for her contorting abilities and acrobatics, Keagan wanted to show them something new in the Semi-Finals. Telling the story of a tornado that devastated her hometown in Oklahoma in 2013, Keagan took on the role of a storm on stage. “You are strong, and you are agile. It is beautiful to watch,” JLo said after her performance. Derek and Ne-Yo also continued to be impressed, but they were concerned that her music and choreography didn’t always line up.

Her Score: 90.7. Starting off strong, Keagan took first place on the leaderboard by default.


JLo called this hip hop crew “and act to beat” since they have continued to show their technique and choreography skills with each new round. For their Semi-Finals performance, U-Peepz pulled out all the stops, doing lots of prop work and embedding their culture into the routine. While the judges thought it was great representation for the Philippines, they weren’t sure that the energy was consistent enough to bring it all together. “You guys just like oozed passion,” Derek said, complimenting their cleanliness, personality, and culture.

Their Score: 89. U-Peepz didn’t do as well as Keagan, but their score put them in second place on the leaderboard.

Jake and Chau

“Athletic, creative, emotional–they really have the full package.” Derek reflected on this duo’s performance so far this season. But, he wasn’t prepared for the performance they prepared for the Semi-Finals. A romantic routine filled with surprising and even dangerous moves, Jake and Chau had all of the judges on their feet and gave JLo the goosies. “Of all the Semi-Final performances we’ve seen so far, that may be the best one I’ve seen,” she said.

Their Score: 95.3. Their performance was a big wow for the judges, so Jake and Chau were able to top the leaderboard, pushing Keagan into second place and sending U-Peepz home.

Bailey and Kida

When Bailey and Kida entered the competition, they were in serious need of chemistry, but now they’re friends and partners. With all the hard work and progress they’ve had this season, they decided to take their performance to another level by adding a prop to their performance. Unfortunately, Ne-Yo thought their use of the chair hurt their cleanliness overall, but Derek thought it forced them to show off some new moves.

Their Score: 93. Despite any potential chair mishaps, Bailey and Kida still received a strong score and made it onto the leaderboard. They took second place, sending Keagan home.


Oxygen took a risk by changing their style in The Duels, managing to make it to the Semi-Finals by giving a stunning performance during the Redemption round. They knew to play to their strengths in the Semi-Finals. “I could feel what you were feeling,” JLo said to the lead of their incredibly choreographed performance. She also told them they’d be “dangerous” if they made it to the World Final.

Their Score: 96.3. Playing up their talents for synchronicity and tandem movements, Oxygen took first place on the leaderboard, putting Jake and Chau into second place and pushing Bailey and Kida out of the next round.


This trio has had an emotional journey through this season of World of Dance, using their chemistry and incredible storytelling abilities to captivate the judges. They didn’t come to the Semi-Finals to continue their love triangle narrative from the previous two rounds, though. Their story about survival, inspired by Madison’s mom’s cancer journey, had JLo and Derek teary-eyed and even gave Ne-Yo goosebumps.

Their Score: 96.7. MDC3 received the highest score for the entire Semi-Finals round. This, of course, secured their spot in the World Final which they would move forward to with Oxygen who they pushed into second place on the leaderboard. Jake and Chau were sent home.

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