The World Finale of NBC’s World of Dance is officially done! Only one of the four World Finalists could take the Season 4 title and the million-dollar prize, and with no live audience (the World Final was filmed during the start of the pandemic) to pump them up during their performances, the finals acts would have to bring the stage to life with a different kind of pressure. “A dancer performs just as hard for three people as they do for three hundred,” JLo said, unworried by the missing audience. The other feature of the final round to consider? Each of the acts would be mentored by the three judges as they prepared for their final performance.


The first act to compete for the top spot was Oxygen. After returning to the obvious stage impact of their signature style for the Semi-Finals, this group knew what the judges would want to see in the World Final. During their mentoring session, the judges encouraged Oxygen to keep pushing themselves and make sure they ended on an exciting note. With this advice, they performed and electrifying routine that Ne-Yo noted was full of the clean lines and beautiful pictures Oxygen performs so well. But, for Jlo the “ending still felt a bit flat.”

Their Score: 93. Performing first gave Oxygen the advantage of starting on top.


During the Semi-Finals, MDC3 managed to achieve the highest score of the season so far. The last Junior Division act remaining in the competition, the judges encouraged the trio to open strong and keep showcasing their storytelling abilities. When they took the stage to tell a story about how they felt coming so far in the competition, MDC3 put their synchronicity to the test. Ne-Yo was impressed to see hints of influences outside their genre in their performance.

Their Score: 95.7. MDC3’s score put them in first place, and knocked Oxygen out of the competition.

Jefferson and Adrianita

This couple’s ballroom work has brought them far in the competition, and in their mentoring session, the judges encouraged Jefferson and Adrianita to be even faster and cleaner in their technique. “You guys don’t need an audience to that dance!” Derek said, complimenting Jefferson and Adrianita’s energetic and fun routine. They chose to perform with a platform the set them above the competition (literally), but JLo thought the time they spent going up and down the stairs weakened their performance.

Their Score: 95.3. Just 0.4 below MDC3’s score, Jefferson and Adrianita went home.

Géométrie Variable

The last to perform in the World Final, Géométrie Variable needed to get a score of at least 96 to pass MDC3 and win the competition. During their mentoring session, the judges recommended that the group play with tempo to add variance to their geometric moves. During their performance, they were impressed to see how Géométrie Variable put their advice to work adding speed and excitement to their performance. “I love what you do. Keep doing it,” Ne-Yo said of their work throughout this season.

Their Source: 93.3. Despite making their unique style as competitive as any other this season, Géométrie Variable didi not score as high as their competitors in the final round. They went home after their performance.

The World Champion

The final scores are in! MDC3 is the Season 4 World of Dance champion. They are followed by Jefferson and Adrianita (95.3), Géométrie Variable (93.3), and Oxygen (93).

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