When September finally gets here, we all know it’s time to prepare our wardrobes for fall, but in the fashion world, September is so much bigger. Culturally, we see major cyclical changes when September rolls around. Back-to-school season is well underway; summertime fun is officially over – basically, it’s time to get down to business.

Because of all the hype surrounding September, the change of season, and fashion news, the covers of September Issues are huge, and, of course, who is going to be on them. This year, the 2018 September issues of some of the most prestigious magazines including Vogue, Ebony, Marie Claire, LadyGun, Elle, and more are featuring some of the most iconic women in the world right now. More importantly, many of these magazines will feature some of the most iconic black women in fashion, entertainment, and music. These are the covers you’re going to want to frame.

Vogue Featuring Beyoncé

British Vogue Featuring Rihanna

Cosmopolitan Featuring Vanessa Hudgens and Nina Dobrev

Glamour Featuring Tiffany Haddish

Elle Canada Featuring Tracee Ellis Ross

Harper’s Bazaar UK Featuring Madigan Heck

Ebony Featuring Issa Rae

Marie Claire Featuring Zendaya

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