This totally Vogue jacket was handpainted by MonogrammedHouse on Etsy (and it could be yours for $149.99).

Have you ever looked into your closet and sighed because everything you own is, well, boring? They aren’t necessarily boring because they are ugly or drab. No, they’re boring because you have worn them over and over again, turning some of your favorite clothes into full-time back-of-the-closet residents. When this happens, you probably start planning a closet clean-out and a shopping spree, but you can save most of those items.

What!? We know. Revamping a wardrobe of pre-existing clothes sounds like a lot of work. However, with a little bit of paint, you can turn a lot of your old clothes into one-of-a-kind works of art. The best part? You don’t have to be an artist to do it (but, it’s a plus if you are).

One of the biggest trends right now is one that is perfect for any DIY queen. Two words. Painted. Denim. But that’s just the beginning. Denim is one of the hardiest fabrics in your closet, and it is definitely the easiest to manipulate. This makes it a perfect target for a new paint job, but cotton, leather, and more can also be painted on! All you have to do are select your clothing items and figure out what designs you want to put on them.

Among the most popular designs for painted denim and other fabrics is a floral look. You can line pockets with tiny daisies, go for full floral arrangement looks on the back of a jacket, or even combine flowers with other designs for an even more unique look. Now, don’t think you have to be able to paint sunflowers like Van Gogh to pull this off. Simple, neat flowers look just as fabulous as intricately shaded ones. It’s all about placing them carefully (and knowing when enough is enough).

Bonus Idea: Paint the last few inches on the inside of the legs on a pair of jeans for an extra flare when you fold them into cuffs.

This moon phases jacket comes from Circa69Denim on Etsy (and you could totally have your own for only $75.60).

If you’re less of an artist and more of a typographic genius, using your fabric paint to add quotes, names, and more to your clothes is also super trendy. Plus, if you’re more of a master of hand-eye coordination and less a master of design, there is plenty of quote inspiration to be found online. The key to creating something amazing with quotes is to carefully combine fonts to emphasize certain words and phrases.

If you’re a bit braver, then the last place to venture for inspiration for this crafty clothing upcycle is actual art. Look at your favorite classical pieces of art and apply those designs in part or in full to your clothes. There’s a reason painted denim outerwear commonly features The Starry Night – it looks stunning. You don’t have to stick to the classics, though. Magazine and album covers, famous faces, and more can all be the inspiration for something incredible.

Now, all that’s left is to grab some paint and figure out which clothes get a new life after a bit of brushing up. The rest you’ll either have to learn to love again or send them off on new adventures at the thrift store. If painting isn’t your thing, you could always buy hand-painted clothing masterpieces. But where’s the fun in that?

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