The premiere of the second season of NBC’s World of Dance is only a week away! 75 acts from around the world will be taking the stage for a change at the million dollar prize. The show isn’t starting completely over this season, though. Season 1’s runner up, Eva Igo will be returning along with The Lab, Royal Flux, Luka and Jenalyn, and a new hip hop crew, S-Rank, created from Chapkis Dance Family, to try for another shot at out-dancing the rest of the world. Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, Derek Hough, and Jenna Dewan will be returning to show as well as celebrity judges and mentors to the dancers.

The only thing better than a line up of 75 incredible acts is a line up 75 incredible acts that includes some of Showstopper’s Sparkle Society members. Ballerina Avery Gay will be competing in the Junior division with Marcus Sarjeant as a contemporary duo. Kaycee Rice will also be taking her talents to the World of Dance stage this season in a hip hop fusion duo with Sean Lew.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Kaycee or Avery won this season, but we’ll have to stick around and find out. Until then, you can get an inside look at Kaycee and Avery’s lives and favorite things in Showstopper Magazine!

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