Starting off the week with a positive viewpoint is important. Teaching yourself to focus on positivity and manifesting your own happiness every day is even better. Take the time to find methods to do just that in the articles below! It only takes a small thing to start your day off with a brighter outlook. If you have several small things up your sleeve, you’re bound for success.

How a Gratitude Log Can Change Your View of the World

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“A gratitude log can be many things, but it is basically a way to record and look back on things that you are grateful for whether they’re your best friends or your favorite kinds of candy. You write down the things that make you happy either in general, or you can write down specific moments that you are grateful for experiencing. Later, you can look at your log and be grateful for these things and remind yourself that you always have something to smile about!”

You Can Find Self-Love Through Selfies


“Whether you are a social media star or just someone that likes to create memories, you have probably taken at least once selfie in your life (but probably way more). Selfies get a lot of negative attention for being vain, silly, and drawing your attention away from reality. What don’t they get attention for? Raising your self-esteem.

Social media and selfies are practically BFFs. Together they can make us focus on our outer appearances and our on and offline reputations. But, if you separate them and just look at selfies, they can be your new best friend when it comes to finding out exactly how amazing you are.”

How to Use Color to Increase Productivity and Encourage Positivity

“We like to associate colors with our mood, saying we “feel blue” when we are sad or that we “see red” when we are angry. But, did you know that color actually plays a large role in influencing your emotions? It might seem like we just see colors. However, colors also work as emotional triggers when perceived and interpreted by our brains. Because of this, it is important to choose the colors you surround yourself with care to ensure that the emotions you are interpreting benefit you the most.”

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