One of the greatest aspects of dance is its ability to connect people. No matter the language or cultural barriers that stand in the way of communication between people, we can all understand that dance is passion and self-expression displayed in movement. This amazing dance video proves just that. Even though many of the people watching likely cannot read and understand the characters in the title, they can appreciate the incredible work done by the dancers in the video. 

Performed by 北の打ち師達, this routine is not only full incredibly choreographed dance moves and synchronicity. It also showcases amazing prop work. Using the rhythm of the song as a guide, the dancers use colored lights to enhance their routine. The prop work is out of this world. The dancers switch between colors and take advantage of their ability to control the light to also control what the audience can and cannot see allowing for seamless transitions.

Needless to say, this is one of 2017's best dance videos!