Social-distancing might have you reading plays out loud at home to practice your acting or rearranging your living room to make room for dramatic monologues and costume changes, but your one-person show isn’t the only thing on the playbill. The Globe Theatre in London is streaming recordings of Shakespeare’s classic plays. Every two weeks, The Globe will premiere a new play on its YouTube channel for Shakespeare fans around, well, the globe to watch until the next play is released.

These streams are free, but if your favorite play isn’t on the schedule or you need more than one play every two weeks, you can rent or purchase recordings of plays from The Globe’s streaming service, Globe Player. The Globe Player has a catalog of comedies, tragedies, and even documentaries as well as even more free Shakespearean content for you to enjoy.

The first play they premiered was, of course, Hamlet. So, to watch or not to watch, that really isn’t the question, is it? With each release, you get to watch some of the most talented actors in the world on a stage that has been the home of these masterpieces for hundreds of years! The only thing that would be better is an actual trip to London! For now, though, you can watch at home and plan that dream trip abroad for another day.

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