Thomas Day is not slowing down. The Nashville-based pop singer and songwriter released a new single and video at the end of last month and still has plenty in store for the rest of the year. With recent singles like “VICIOUS” and “The End,” Thomas has been taking us through various stages of heartache with every new release, and his latest release, “MASOCHIST” is no exception.

A song that Thomas has said is “about not being afraid to be hurt. Actually it’s about wanting to be hurt” when you fall hard for someone, “MASOCHIST” is a song you can’t help but sing (or scream) along to. We caught up with Thomas for an inside look at what led to this single and what he has in store for the rest of the year.

Showstopper Magazine Online: What inspired “MASOCHIST”? 

Thomas Day: This song was very interesting to write/make, to be honest. It stemmed from an overall desire of being obsessed with someone.

SMO: What line do you think best captures the message you wanted to get across with this song?

Thomas Day: “There’s nothing like the way you love to hurt me”

SMO: There’s an interesting theme carried across your recent singles like “VICIOUS” and “The End.” How would you describe that throughline? 

Thomas Day: I feel like both of them are really beautifully put together songs. I’ve been really obsessed lately with tapping into a more high-energy sound, and I think all of my recent singles flow really well together. 

SMO: If you had to describe “MASOCHIST” as a scene, what would that scene be?

Thomas Day: I released a “MASOCHIST” music video that I think does a good job of capturing the whole vibe of the song. There are a couple of shots of me going crazy in the back of a car which I think really fits perfectly. 

SMO: You mentioned that part of bringing “MASOCHIST” to life was talking about “subtle complexities” in relationships. How did you bring those complexities into this song?

Thomas Day: It’s such a scary feeling when you first realize you’re falling for someone, especially when you have fallen before and got hurt. “MASOCHIST” is about accepting the truth that you’re so obsessed with someone that you actually don’t care if you get hurt, you just need to be with that person.

SMO: What do you hope people take from “MASOCHIST”? 

Thomas Day: Overall, I think people get the message to not take things too seriously. Love is both scary and beautiful and this song is the perfect mix of those two feelings.

SMO: Is there anything else you’d like people to know about the song or your recent projects? 

Thomas Day: Yes! I have a lot of new songs coming. There’s a real love song in there, too. 

“MASOCHIST” is out now along with Thomas’ latest music video!

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