Thomas Day

After a summer full of wildflowers and music we can’t get enough of, Thomas Day released his latest single “The End.” A song that Thomas calls “the most emotional song I’ve released so far,” “The End” is a powerful and overwhelming song about not giving up. Thomas is known for his emotional songs, but he shared that this one even made him cry during recording.

“The ending of anything is my biggest fear. I hate change. I’ll do anything to fight for keeping things the same,” Thomas elaborated on what inspired “The End,” “which is kind of hypocritical because I broke up with a girl I’m in love with. This song is a fight for everything to be ok, but even if it isn’t, knowing it will be ok in the end.”

“The End” is accompanied by a music video directed by Nashville-based visual artist Brenton Giessey (one of the people behind Thomas’ “Wildflower” and “not my job anymore” music videos). Moving away from the bright colors and sunshine of “Wildflower,” this video has a darker aesthetic to match Thomas’ experiences.

Despite the darkness in the video, Thomas shared that creating the visuals for the song was fulfilling and a fun experience. “The water described my emotions towards the entire concept of the video, and emotionally allowed me to get into it, which I knew I needed to do with this song. It was really fun too.”

The perfect song for the darkest and coldest days of the year, “The End” is pure Thomas Day, heart-wrenching and real.

“The End” is streaming now on all major music platforms. Check out the “The End” music video below!