With dozens or even hundreds of dancers coming to your studio every day to learn from you and your teachers, it probably isn’t possible to give every student a personalized gift during the holidays. That doesn’t mean you can’t give them a gift at all, though! An easy and meaningful way to create holiday memories with your dancers is to host a studio awards night.

What are Studio Awards?

Think about superlatives that may have been given out or even voted on in high school. Studio awards work generally the same way. Think of fun titles for your dancers that will make them laugh or play off of some of your studio’s favorite phrases or inside jokes. These are “awards,” but they shouldn’t actually rank your dancers in reference to one another. Maybe Mary gets an award for being a “Pirouette Perfectionist” or Lauren gets one for being the studio’s “Competition Pep Talk Pro.” These awards are even better if you accompany them with a certificate or a medal!

For Smaller Studios

If your studio is smaller, you may want to take the time to plan out an award for every student. This is great! This will help you show each of your student’s that you care about them and continue to strengthen the bond you have!

For Larger Studios

If your studio is larger and your students reach closer to the hundreds, studio awards aren’t out of your reach! Come up with a dozen or so fun titles that your dancers can then vote on who embodies them the most. Since the titles aren’t judgments about who is the best dancer, they will have fun, and it will be all the more exciting to announce the results at the actual awards!

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