Starting off your week the right way and keeping up a positive energy throughout the week is all about self-care. If you push yourself relentlessly from the beginning of the week to the end, you’re going to burn out fast. One burnout will lead to another and another until your downtime is more about recovering than enjoying yourself. So, let’s get away from that cycle before it has a chance to get started!

You might not have time every day to give yourself a mini spa day, paint your nails, or take a bubble bath, but you do have time to pack yourself a lunch. If you set aside ten minutes each day to either pack your lunch in the morning or pack the next day’s lunch in the evening, you’ll be on the road to more fulfilling lunch breaks and a happier week.

Personal time with yourself

There’s nothing special about getting fast food every day for lunch. You order. You wait in line. You take your food and you eat. When you make your own lunch, you are giving yourself at least ten minutes to work quietly with yourself and make something for yourself. Giving yourself this time is important for staying connected with yourself and actively working to create small things that will add happy moments to each day.

Make a special meal once a week

If you want to go above and beyond with this small self-care task, plan out a day once a week to take extra time and make something special. Pack your favorite foods or cook something if you usually just pack a sandwich or some snacks. Add a dessert to your usual lunch menu. Each little extra thing is just one more thing to add an extra boost of positivity to the middle of your day.

Leave Yourself a Note

Don’t think it’s all about the food! Packing a lunch puts you in control of your midday meal, but it’s also a great time to surprise yourself. Write down a bunch of positive messages to yourself. And make sure they are actually aimed at you. Don’t copy motivational quotes of Pinterest! Write yourself notes that actively show yourself some love. Put those notes in a vase or a bag somewhere and draw a random one out each day. Don’t look at it! Just slip it in with the rest of your lunch to read later. You’ll make yourself smile every time guaranteed.


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