Chicken Girls Season 7 premiered this week, and there’s a whole new generation of chicken girls and Attaway drama on the way from Brat TV. Your favorite characters might pop in to push the new characters along, but this season is taking things back to the start with early high school drama. Here’s everything we know about what’s happened so far.

Who is in the new cast?

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one week until season 7 💕

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Harmony (Hayley LeBlanc) is stepping into the spotlight as her sister Rhyme (Annie LeBlanc) starts preparing for college. Joining her are dancers and actors from TikTok, Dance Moms, and more. Kheris Rogers, Enzo Lopez, Elliana Walmsley, Txunamy Ortiz, Coco Quinn, Corinne Joy, Liam-Alexander Newman, Skyler Aboujaoude, Mateo Gallegos, and Aidan Prince are filling out the cast as a new generation enters Attaway high.

What’s all the drama?

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study buddies

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It’s a new school year, and the characters are falling back into their routines of classes and extracurriculars. But what about dates? Will TK’s advice help Payton (or PK, maybe?) find a place to fit in? This season, not everyone’s priorities are meshing, and it’s causing every group to crack a little bit.

Are the Chicken Girls falling apart?

While Harmony obviously wants to hold together chicken girls traditions, it seems like the rest of her friends are moving past them. What’s dance team without the chicken girls? It seems like Harmony is going to have to keep the friendship bracelets to herself for now, but maybe she’ll be able to convince the others to come around for Tuesday Tea and other chicken girls traditions.

“All the girls care about is dancing, boys, and drama,” Harmony confides to Rhyme, but maybe it’s time shake things up and see if the new generation of chicken girls can put their own style on the girl group.

The first episode of Chicken Girls is live now on Brat TV’s YouTube Channel. New episodes will premiere every Tuesday.

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