This quiz originally appeared in the Spring 2024 Life Without Limits issue of Showstopper Magazine.

We all face challenges, and there’s nothing wrong with knowing what holds you back! Maybe social situations take a lot of rehearsing or trying new things gives you the ick. No matter what your hang-ups are, nothing can get in the way of your dreams with a little determination! Answer the questions below to find your limit and get some tips for breaking free of it.

  1. Rehearsing your notes in the mirror
  2. Giving yourself pep talks
  3. Asking your friends what format their project will be
  4. Trying to convince yourself to start
  1. Wherever is most comfortable
  2. Somewhere out of the way
  3. With all of my best friends
  4. I’m running late! The last available set
  1. What will we do at the party?
  2. Is my gift going to be a hit?
  3. Who else is on the guest list?
  4. I’m just ready to get there!
  1. Figure out everything we have in common
  2. Let them take the lead on the introductions
  3. Try to keep things simple and quick
  4. Go ahead and plan a time to hangout
  1. Going new places
  2. Public speaking
  3. Talking on the phone
  4. Forgetting important things
  1. Traveling the world
  2. Skydiving
  3. Being a pen pal
  4. Photography
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